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Bridge Company A/S have this Facebook page – click here. A Facebook page about the company behind the Bridge+More solution

We have 2 other Facebook pages as well

facebook.com/bridgeplusmorecom – a general page about our solution for clubs, private social users, and bridge teachers; and

facebook.com/BridgeplusMoreUsers – a page for our users with details and news; and

3 Facebook groups

facebook.com/groups/bridgeplusmoreclub – a group for the Bridge+More solution in general, and

facebook.com/groups/bridgeplusmoresocial – a group focused on social games, and

facebook.com/groups/bridgeplusmoreteaching – a group focused on our unique features for teaching/teachers.

We also have 2 other websites

bridgeplusmore.com – the website for the Bridge+More solution or look at bridgeplusinfo.com –  a site made for our users – Guides, How to, and FAQ.